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04 November 2016 Press release

Traffic in Real Time: www.infotrafic.mc

The web site "infochantiers.mc," launched on line in June 2016, gives an overview of all the major public and private projects in the Principality, as well as all the main road works.  This information for the general public gives details of the projects and the duration of the work, and provides information on possible nuisance, such as sound, visual and environmental nuisance, and problems with traffic and pedestrian mobility.  Each construction site is geo-located on a map of Monaco.

The "infochantiers" web site consists of six search filters (Construction Sites;  Major Works;  Events;  Car Parks;  Daytime Disturbance and Night-Time Disturbance).  It now has a 7th search option, making it possible to follow the state of road traffic in Monaco in real time, based on a colour coding system:   "green" for free-flowing traffic, "orange" for dense traffic and "red" for heavy traffic.

The information on the state of traffic covers most of the roads in the Principality, giving priority to the main routes.  The data published arises from "counting loops" installed in the road by the Integrated Mobility Management Centre (CIGM).  This system makes it possible to be permanently aware of the number of vehicles circulating on the sections of the highway that are equipped with these loops, and therefore show the density of the traffic.

Direct access to information on road traffic in Monaco is available via the web site www.infotrafic.mc

As a reminder, "infochantiers" is available on all types of smartphone, via the address www.infochantiers.mc .  It includes an SMS alert system giving information on incidents and congestion on public highways.

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