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Submission and monitoring of a cooperation project

Procedures for submitting a development cooperation project to the Government of the Principality of Monaco.

Who can submit a project?

  • A public entity (ministry, public establishment) 
  • An international or intergovernmental organisation 
  • Non-profit-making associative entities (such as NGOs, Monegasque ISOs, etc)

The project initiator must be legally incorporated, must prove existence (Chairman’s report and financial report) of at least three years and must prove ability (technical, financial, operational) to implement the project.

Which project?

The projects must fall within the Prince's Government development cooperation policy, especially in terms of geographical distribution and fields of intervention.

→ Countries within Monaco's Official Development Assistance programme 

  • Least Developed Countries (LDCs): Mali, Mauritania, Niger, Burkina Faso, Madagascar, Senegal et Burundi
  • Partly developed countries: Morocco, Mongolia, Lebanon, Tunisia ans South Africa

→ Fields of intervention:

  • Health: access to care, improvement of maternal and infant health, fight against pandemics and neglected diseases
  • Education for all: access to education and literacy, support for professional training
  • Socio-economic integration: social welfare and integration, support for social entrepreneurship and for local economic development

Particular attention is given to projects which comply with national and regional sectoral development policies, are implemented for the benefit of the most vulnerable populations, are owned by the beneficiaries and which demonstrate some permanence.

Submitting a project

To submit a project, the project owner must provide a:

application/msword Concept note (173.50 kB)

application/vnd.ms-excel Budget Concept Note (31.50 kB)

These documents should be sent:  

By post to the:
Direction de la Coopération Internationale
Athos Palace - 2 rue de la Lüjerneta
MC 98 0000 Monaco

or by email: coopint@gouv.mc

Before you submit your project, the Department of International Cooperation's programme managers are at your service to help you compile your application.

Examination and selection

Your file will be examined by a selection committee from the Department of International Cooperation in accordance with a set of detailed evaluation criteria.

Following this examination, the selection committee will draw up a shortlist of the preselected projects.

The project initiators selected for the budgetary year X will be informed in summer X-1.

They should then complete the project form and its annexes in accordance with the models from the Department of International Cooperation (below).

Applications for the year 2018 are now closed.

The dates for submitting applications for the year 2019 will be announced later.

Forms for project initiators whose concept note has been chosen by the selection committee

Project form 

application/msword Project Application Form (215.00 kB)


application/vnd.ms-excel Financing plan for the project (24.00 kB)  
application/vnd.ms-excel Budget summary for the project (33.50 kB)
application/vnd.ms-excel Detailed Project Budget (30.00 kB)

Project monitoring

application/msword Interim Implementation Report (199.00 kB)

application/msword Final Implementation Report (201.50 kB)


application/vnd.ms-excel Expenditure Tracking Chart in Euros Year 1 (24.00 kB)

application/vnd.ms-excel Expenditure Tracking Chart in Euros Year 2 and 3 (24.50 kB)

application/msword Call for funds (26.50 kB)




Forms for International Solidarity Organisations in Monaco

Project form for Monegasque ISOs

application/msword Project application form for Monegasque ISOs (187.50 kB)  
application/vnd.ms-excel Financial annex (budgetary tools) (40.00 kB)
application/vnd.ms-excel Modèle de budget pour projets de plusieurs années (33.00 kB)


Interim implementation report

application/msword Rapport intermédiaire d'exécution OSI monégasques (186.50 kB)
application/vnd.ms-excel Tableau de suivi des dépenses (29.50 kB)


Final implementation report

application/msword Final Report-Expenditure Tracking Chart in Euros Year 1 (183.50 kB)  
application/vnd.ms-excel Budget réalisé OSI (36.00 kB)