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20 August 2018 News flash

Refurbishment of court at Gaston Médecin Omnisports Hall

Les travaux sur le parquet ©- Direction de la communciation Michael Alesi

Refurbishment work has been underway at the Louis II Stadium since the beginning of the summer: first the football pitch, now the court in the Gaston Médecin Omnisports Hall, home to A.S. Monaco Basket. Work on the court began in late July and is due to be completed on 26 August.

The aim is to fully upgrade the finish (varnish and paint), not least to bring it into compliance with the rules of France’s national basketball league, the LNB.

These rules require two distinct shades of varnish, one for the two-point shooting zone and another for the three-point zone.

The perimeter of the court and free-throw areas will be repainted red, identical to the existing colour, to preserve the club’s visual identity.

Finally, again to ensure compliance with LNB rules, “MONACO” will be inscribed in front of the officials’ table.

The court at the Gaston Médecin Omnisports Hall will then be ready for the resumption of the Jeep Elite basketball championship, with Monaco set to play Lyon-Villeurbanne on 22 September.

Le parquet pendant les travaux © Direction de la Communciation Michael Alesi

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