Gouvernement Princier de Monaco
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Developing the town

Making the town more beautiful, more practical and more welcoming every day

With an area of 2 km2, Monaco precedes the Vatican on the list of the smallest States in the world. Despite its compact territory, the Principality is a town-State boasting all the attractions of a modern and active city.

Its exceptional location between the sea and the mountains contributes to its undeniable charm, and is also a significant challenge for architects and developers. Nevertheless, Monaco remains a great place to live.

The Prince's Government is working hard to develop the town. The long-term vision of the Princes of Monaco has enabled all of the projects shaping the urban landscape to be put into perspective.

The town is growing both above and below ground and includes hundreds of kilometres of tunnels needed for water and energy supply and wastewater treatment. The town is also fully cabled to receive digital TV networks, and telephone and Internet services. 

The striking thing, as one walks around the Principality, is that despite the urban density and steep gradients, the impression of space is maintained at all times. It is true that the number of parks and gardens per inhabitant is higher than most comparable towns. Click here to find out more

The Prince's Government and its departments are constantly striving to maintain the quality of public areas, roads, traffic control systems, street lighting, parks and gardens, pedestrian links and so on. At a price of extensive construction work, the mountain that forms the buttress to the town, which could be seen as an obstacle, has become the developers' ally, through the building of tunnels to channel traffic and house a fully underground railway.

As a sustainable city, traffic is one of the main concerns of Monaco. Mobility remains therefore at the heart of the Government's action. Click here to find out more