Gouvernement Princier de Monaco
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Lucien Grimaldi

Wishing to reestablish their rule over Monaco, the Genoese besieged the fortress of Monaco on 7 December 1506. The encirclement lasted until 19 March 1507, the day of the attack on the fort of Serravalle. The fighting ended with the victory of the Monegasques, under the command of Lucien, who, with the support of the French troops, immediately recovered Roquebrune and Menton. A large part of the Rocher was rebuilt after this siege.

Commemorative Stamp

The king of France, Louis XII, gave up on his own efforts to dominate Monaco, and finished, in 1512, by recognising that Lucien’s lordship was instituted “by God and the sword”, which ensured the succession of François I in 1515.

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Dies in 1523