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22 July 2023 Press release

Energy management: lighting and air conditioning are the subject of new measures and recommendations

As part of its plan to manage energy use and following the public’s adherence to measures taken last winter, the Prince’s Government has adopted two new ministerial decrees on public and private lighting and on the use of air conditioning on 21 July. These measures are in effect until 30 October 2023.

The lighting, facades, windows, light screens of shops, business premises and spaces must now be switched off from midnight to 5 am, unless the businesses concerned are open or operating during these hours. Interior lighting and lighting produced by any kind of screen or illuminated design must also be switched off.

Joining the effort are public buildings and spaces, which will switch off lighting at premises and sites specified in the decree from 11 pm to 5 am.

Furthermore, the use of air conditioning in public buildings and establishments is regulated and set at 25°C with an accepted margin of 1°C, with the exception of certain exempted establishments.

Shops, business premises and spaces, as well as establishments not specifically targeted by this initiative, are asked to initiate energy management plans in keeping with the commitments of the National Energy Transition Pact, and to adhere to recommendations on the use of air conditioning by setting temperatures no lower than 25°C, give or take 1°C.

These measures, adapted to summer schedules and needs, pursue the objective of reducing visual pollution and electricity use, while maintaining quality of life.

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