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12 January 2016 News flash

Mongolia – The Prince's Government is Supporting UNICEF in the Development of Preschool Education

Mobile yurt schools and a pilot home schooling project implemented by UNICEF in Mongolia enable children living in remote areas to have access to preschool education.


Since 2014, the Prince's Government has been supporting UNICEF in the development of mobile yurt schools in rural areas and the implementation of a pilot home education project carried out by parents in the peri-urban area of Mongolia.  The aim of this programme is to make education accessible to the most disadvantaged children from the provinces of Khuvsgul and the district of Nalaikh, before the age of six.

In Mongolia, it is particularly difficult for children of cattle farmers, migrants and poor families, and children with disabilities, to have access to preschool education.  The extreme climatic conditions, the nomadic way of life and lack of road infrastructures discourage families living in the most remote areas from sending their children to school, especially children under the age of six.

Education is one of the priority areas of activity for Monaco's Official Development Assistance.  The Prince's Government therefore undertook to support this UNICEF programme so that children could benefit from early stimulation and high-quality learning, to better prepare them for school.

Since 2012, the UNICEF-Mongolia programme has already enabled 2,600 children from the province of Khuvsgul to benefit from educational programmes and preschool services.  The pilot project, which is new and unique in this country, has already made it possible to provide schooling for all the children who could not be enrolled in preschool education in the district of Nalaikh due to a lack of infrastructure, i.e. 1,250 children.

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