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The Police Commissioner's Office


This entity is formed of units having cross-cutting tasks within the Police Department and units with very specific duties that do not fall under the auspices of any particular division.

Organisation and operation

Six units are attached to this entity, placed under the direct authority of the Commissioner

The Secretariat

It supports the divisional head (minutes of meetings, reports, drafting correspondence, filtering mail and telephone calls, contact with executive bodies, police associations, managing certain classified financial flows).

Central Operations Command

It acts as an interface between all of the divisions in the Service. It performs the duties of transmission relay and command for all officers. It raises alarms and manages remote surveillance systems in the territory, and deploys emergency plans and the recalling of personnel.

Technical Advisory Unit

On the one hand it collects business intelligence from Monegasque firms and, on the other, it performs duties of risk prevention which allows for the notable reduction of risk relating to security and emergency situations.

This new task aims at improving the effectiveness of the Service and the reliability and performance of intervention procedures.

The Sovereign Family Security Unit

Its role is the protection of the Sovereign Prince and His Family when on private or official visits.

Police Anti-Corruption Squad

It was created by the Ordonnance Souveraine n°1.057 du 13 avril 2007 , amending the Ordonnance Souveraine n°765 du 13 novembre 2006. It forms part of the Police Department and is under the direct authority of the Minister of Interior. It intervenes when instructed to do so by the Minister of State or the Minister of Interior or, with the latter's agreement, upon request from the Commissioner of Police.

It carries out administrative inspections, audits and studies to appreciate, assess or improve the organisation and functioning of Police Units.

It also performs internal investigations to ensure compliance with police ethics.

Its reports may be used during administrative or disciplinary proceedings. Additionally, cases may be referred to the Squad by the Courts, pursuant to the law and in particular the Code of Criminal Procedure, if civil servants or other government officials from the Police Department are involved.

The General Secretariat and the Police Mail Officer

They deal with the delivery and monitoring of the Service's incoming and outgoing correspondence.

Official Directory

Contact details

Direction de la Sûreté Publique

Phone Number : (+377) 93 15 30 15

Fax Number : (+377) 93 50 65 47

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Direction de la Sûreté Publique

9, rue Suffren Reymond


Phone Number : (+377) 93 15 30 15

Fax Number : (+377) 93 50 65 47

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