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News of theme "Quality of Life"
17 January 2019 News flash

Albert Croesi appointed Chief Country Officer for Quality of Life and public service users Relations at the Ministry of State

©Direction de la Communication / Manuel Vitali

This morning, the Minister of State gave a presentation to the press on Albert Croesi’s new role as Chief Country Officer for Quality of Life and public service users Relations. The presentation was also attended by Jean Castellini, Minister of Finance and Economy, and Robert Colle, the Secretary-General of the Government.

“This is a role which the Sovereign Prince was keen to introduce and it is line with the Government’s determination to be more responsive to Monegasques and residents. The aim is to bring improvements to public service users’ daily lives and create a better relationship between the State and those affected by administrative measures,” Serge Telle explained. “It offers a new way of taking reality into account and, in keeping with the work of the Administration, of finding solutions by bringing to bear a little more soul.”

Albert Croesi, who tackled the issue of rehousing, within a few months, the 300 families from the Jardins d’Apolline, and more recently 69 families from Hélios, intends to become a dedicated point of contact for everyone on all issues relating to quality of life. He will serve as a bridge to Government departments; the aim is to better address the concerns of public service users: “I like people and I’m not convinced that there will only be complaints. It may be that we will hear things we do not know about, and which will help us to move forward.”

Contact details: 98 98 98 55 or ac@croesi.mc


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