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03 November 2016 Press release

Press Release from the Prince's Government on Seasonal Influenza

The Ministry of Health and Social Affairs of the Prince's Government reminds you that, as every year, seasonal influenza will make an appearance in the coming weeks. 

It mainly presents a danger for people in a weakened state of health, especially the elderly, as well as for patients with chronic respiratory or cardiac conditions.  

The epidemic of winter 2015/2016 showed that the most serious cases were observed in people in these groups who had not been vaccinated.  

As a reminder, the vaccine, which has been available from pharmacies for several days, gives protection against the influenza viruses expected in 2016/2017.  The vaccination is the only protection against this disease. 

Vaccination makes it possible to prevent or decrease its effects, and also to avoid infecting others.  

To be effective, the vaccination must be carried out before the influenza viruses start to circulate (in general from the end of October), so that the body can develop antibodies and therefore acquire protection. 

Protection from the anti-influenza vaccination lasts one year, so it is advisable to renew the vaccination annually.  The vaccine produces very few side effects (such as local discomfort and an influenza-type reaction, which disappear in 1 to 2 days). 

There are few contraindications apart from acute infections, but you should consult your GP, who will prescribe the vaccination.  

Note that, in the Principality of Monaco, health insurance schemes will reimburse the full cost of this vaccine for their policyholders and their dependents. 


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