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News of theme "Youth"
04 May 2017 Press release

Pass’Sport Culture 2017

The Academic Counselling and Education Resource Centre is busy preparing the summer programme for young people in Monaco, with a choice of activities that's as wide as ever. 

In close association with Monegasque artistic, sporting and cultural associations, everything is being done to make the 2017 summer holidays active and successful for young people aged 13 to 21 who live or attend an educational establishment in the Principality! 

So, depending on their tastes and the time they have available, young people can choose to take part in week-long courses or "discovery sessions" ranging from a few hours to a whole day. 

For the 2017 programme, the Academic Counselling and Education Resource Centre is offering almost 40 different activities: 

  • Aquatic activities such as rowing, kayaking, underwater diving, sea rescue, jet ski, aquatic excursions and sailing
  • Creative activities including cartoons, manga, video and Chinese calligraphy, as well as performing arts workshops such as theatre, singing, musicals, guitar, etc.
  • Introduction to sports or sports sessions, indoors or outdoors:
    • Dance (sports dance, gymba, hip hop, zumba)
    • Combat sports and martial arts (ju-jitsu, kick boxing, muay-thai, krav maga, self defence, Brazilian wrestling)
    • Racket sports (tennis, badminton, table tennis, squash)
    • Precision sports (shooting, archery, bowling) 
  • As well as gliding, caving, climbing and fencing, not forgetting bridge and first aid training! 


Further Information and Bookings: 

The Pass’sport is open by registration to young people aged 13 to 21 who are resident in or attend an educational establishment in Monaco, on payment of 48 € for one month or 75 € for two months. 

An application folder can be downloaded from the web site spp.gouv.mc. (Education / Extra-Curricular Activities / Pass'Sport Culture) or collected from the Academic Counselling and Education Resource Centre, 18 Avenue des Castelans in Fontvieille from 9.30 a.m. to 6.30 p.m. (Tel.: 

It includes:

  • A registration form
  • Parental authorisation, for minors
  • Parental authorisation for driving a jet ski for over-16s
  • A medical certificate (obligatory for taking part in sports activities)
  • A medical certificate (obligatory for underwater diving)
  • Authorisation for outings, for activities that take place outside the Principality 

The registration form, duly completed, should be given to the Academic Counselling and Education Resource Centre, with: 

  • A cheque for 48 € for one month or 75 € for two months, made out to the T.G.F Trésorerie Générale des Finances (Public Treasury)
  • Third party liability insurance certificate
  • An ID photo
  • Photocopy of swimming certificate (for nautical activities) 

Academic Counselling and Education Resource Centre

18, Avenue des Castelans
Email: cien@monaco.mc
Website: cien.gouv.mc

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