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23 June 2016 News flash

Inauguration of the S.A.F.F.I.RE

Government Communication Department / © Charly Gallo

On Wednesday 22 June, Serge Telle, Minister of State, Patrice Cellario, Minister of Interior, Michel Boeri, President of the Automobile Club of Monaco and numerous dignitaries, including the Mayor of d’Eze, Stéphane Cherki, attended the inauguration of the S.A.F.F.I.RE., a simulator for combating fires, smoke from fires and for reconnaissance, otherwise known as SAFE FIRE.  The inauguration was held under the guidance of Colonel Tony Varo, Head of the Fire and Emergency Service.

The development of this simulator was made necessary by changes in dwellings, which are becoming more and more airtight to combat heat loss and offer better sound insulation, but can give rise to thermal phenomena in the case of fire that can be particularly dangerous for fire fighters.

This simulator, which is situated in Brasca, will therefore enable fire fighters to familiarise themselves with difficult fire-fighting conditions in enclosed spaces, thanks to three modules – the observation and analysis of thermal phenomena, reconnaissance in smoke and dexterity of the fire hose operators – making it possible to create eight workshops focusing on smoke management, reconnaissance in various environments, such as cellars, apartments and ships, the use of ventilation techniques and training for fire hose operators, etc.)

Michel Boeri and Patrice Pastor were warmly thanked for respectively hosting this facility on the Brasca site and for constructing the concrete slab that supports the structure and providing it free of charge.

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