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11 March 2015 Press release

Press release by the Prince’s Government following the events which occurred at the Robertshaw manufacturing site

The Prince’s Government condemns in the strongest possible terms the malicious actions which led to the entrances to the Robertshaw site being blocked, damaging the interests of both the company and its staff, as well as the Principality’s image.

While it is impossible not to sympathise with the anxiety felt by the employees affected by the looming closure of the site, the Government recalls that it met staff representatives and explained all the support measures that it will put in place, similar to those implemented in the case of previous redundancy plans. These include measures to help all employees return to work as quickly as possible within the Principality.

The Government also notes that, following its request, the company’s management team twice made improvements to the redundancy plan. These improvements benefitted staff in comparison with the company’s initial proposals and the minimum legal requirements, although they remain insufficient in the eyes of staff representatives.

The Government would like to emphasise its commitment to respect for constitutional liberties, which include both the freedom to strike and the freedom to work.

In the Government’s view, these two freedoms have equal standing.

The Government thus reacted as quickly as possible, and will react decisively whenever necessary to defend these fundamental principles, with respect for individuals’ rights and the integrity of property.

The Police Department therefore intervened on the day these events were reported to restore free access to the business.

The Government appeals to each individual’s sense of responsibility.

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