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21 October 2014 Press release

Committee for Graduate Employment

In the context of the work of the Committee for Graduate Employment, H.E. Mr Michel Roger, the Minister of State, welcomed to his residence yesterday the managers of companies which have signed the Memorandum of Understanding on the employment of young Monegasque and Monaco-resident graduates. Also present were: Government ministers, the Executive Unit of the Committee for Graduate Employment, young graduates who have found a job with the help of the Committee, and key figures from the economic and social realms.

The Committee for Graduate Employment was created by the Prince’s Government in February 2010, and is a response to H.S.H. the Sovereign Prince’s desire to retain within the Principality the intellectual wealth of our young people, and to facilitate the return of expatriate graduates who want to come back to Monaco.

The role of the Committee’s Executive Unit, which operates under the authority of Stéphane VALERI, Minister of Health and Social Affairs, and is led by Ms Maryse BATTAGLIA, is to support young graduates in Monaco, whether nationals or residents, and to help build bridges and forge special links with companies, in order to promote access for graduates to skilled jobs within the country’s private sector.

The Minister of State offered warm thanks to all of the representatives of the 110 companies who have agreed to formalise this partnership for the benefit of young people. He was also keen to recognise the excellent work of the Executive Unit, which, four years after it was first set up, has achieved extremely positive results:

  • 660 young graduates have had a personal interview with the Committee to enable them to benefit from this support, either immediately or at a later date, once they have completed their training.
  • 150 graduates (72 of whom are Monegasque) have found work relevant to their qualifications through this process; 64 of these have already been employed on permanent contracts.
  • A further 85 graduates have benefitted from a training placement required by their course.
  • Finally, 95 young graduates have received advice from professionals on certain specialisations.


Mr Michel Roger highlighted the need for early action to improve graduates’ chances of entering employment.

To this end, in January 2014, the Committee for Graduate Employment, with the approval of the Minister of the Interior, Paul MASSERON, and in collaboration with the Department of Education, Youth and Sport, organised the third “Careers Discovery Afternoon” at Lycée Albert I. The event was aimed at pupils in their final year of school in the Principality, and focused on the industries which provide jobs in Monaco:

Hotels and catering, health, accounting (in banks and accountancy firms), yachting, legal careers in banking, IT and new technologies, engineering and construction within Monaco.

Eleven speakers from different professions took turns to present the various careers and roles offered by these dynamic sectors, providing information and personal insights, and undoubtedly thereby helping the young attendees to better understand the link between their school work and the further education and training they may go on to undertake, and perhaps even to choose their future career.

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