Gouvernement Princier de Monaco
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Honoré III

Possessed of a modern, well-informed outlook and sensitive to Enlightenment thought, Honoré III (1720 - 1795) aspired to make Monaco a part of the ideas that were sweeping up the capitals of the time. While he was spending his time increasing the recognition of the Principality in the courts of Europe, particularly the French and English courts, the Prince was faced with the failure of his industrialisation attempts, which were aimed at diversifying the Principality’s resources, which were too seriously impacted by weather conditions.

Due to France (whose support of the Prince’s interests was feeble) being in an unfortunate situation, the borders between Monaco and the neighbouring States of Savoy were definitively established, in 1760, to the detriment of the Principality’s legitimate plans.

Finally, the last years of his reign were marked by the influence of French revolutionary ideas. Though the demands of the people were not comparable with those of France, the “Club of the defenders of liberty and equality” managed to sow the seeds of sedition among the population, to the extent that the Prince was removed, and a “free and independent republic” was quickly united to France at the beginning of 1793.

Date de référence :
1720 - 1795