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22 November 2013 Press release

Marie-Pierre Gramaglia Addresses the 19th COP in Warsaw

On Thursday 21 November, Marie-Pierre Gramaglia, Minister of Public Works, the Environment and Urban Development, addressed the UN's climate change conference in Warsaw.  In her speech (which was limited to three minutes, as were the speeches of all the heads of delegation), the Minister recalled that:

"IPCC scientists have recently confirmed the impact of human activities on changes observed in the climatic system and have recalled the responsibility of States to take urgent action.  These observations confirm the words of His Serene Highness Prince Albert II at a meeting of the United Nations last September:  'greenhouse gas emissions continue to increase at a global level, despite that fact that we have identified climate change as one of the greatest dangers of our era.'"

The Minister confirmed the Principality's objective of reducing direct greenhouse gas emissions, reaffirming its commitment to reduce emissions by 80% by 2050, with the aim of eventually becoming carbon neutral.  She stressed that:  "however, the Principality considers that States must continue to take action to reach the Cancun objective of keeping the rise in temperature below 2°C."

Marie-Pierre Gramaglia emphasised that "The Principality of Monaco supports the creation of the Green Climate Fund and hopes for a rapid and positive outcome to discussions linked to its financing."  She concluded by saying "The time allocated to us to reach an effective agreement in 2015 is short;  the scientific facts are indisputableI express the wish, on behalf of my Country, that our discussions may lead to decisions that reflect the importance of the challenges we must all face.

The Warsaw climate conference closed on Friday 22 November after two weeks of negotiations, which should lay the foundations for the 2015 agreement in Paris on reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

More info:  environnement@gouv.mc , relext@gouv.mc



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