Gouvernement Princier de Monaco
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Analysis and Statistics

IMSEE: Understanding our reality to map out our future

The creation of IMSEE, the Monegasque Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies in 2011, was a major decision by the Monegasque Government to enable better monitoring of the country's future.

IMSEE’s role is to foster awareness of the economic and social environment of the Principality. It has become the main observer of Monegasque activity. Through the guidance it provides to both business and public stakeholders, it participates fully in the common objective of maintaining the Principality’s attractiveness.

For this purpose, the Institute has put in place an information system based on the collection of statistical data, endorsed by the Minister of State in consultation with the Scientific Council for statistics and economic studies. The information collected by IMSEE is sourced from State departments, the Municipality and public bodies. The data is the subject of statistical processing in line with nomenclatures and methods recognised at international level, collated by IMSEE.

Gathering, producing, analysing and disseminating this data increases overall knowledge and allows studies to be made, forecasts to be established and useful decisions to be taken.

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